Body & Sole Comfort Soft Gel Foot Cushions

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About Body & Sole Comfort Gel Foot Cushions

In 2008, Christina Prandini Sanchez watched in horror as a woman that wanted to wear higher heels had the balls of her feet injected with silicon to create more padding. Christina thought it was an extreme and costly measure!

She asked herself ….”Wouldn’t it be easier to simply stick a pad to the outside of the skin and eliminate the fear of infection while alleviating any pain? If it were on the sole of the foot, it would move with your body and be easily removed?” After several years of research with multiple focus groups, she achieved success. In 2010, Body & Sole Comfort and The Lily Pad™ were born!

The Lily Pad is a washable reusable foot cushion that sticks to the skin or shoe, allowing the wearer to position the cushion precisely where problem areas exist. Recommended by podiatrists and used by celebrities and athletes, this patent pending product is now available for you.

Christina’s dream to create the ultimate removable foot cushion has come true and she feels very proud because all her products are Made in the USA without petroleum and with a packaging design that is 98% reusable!

Body & Sole Comfort Products are Soft Gel Foot Cushions that are Self-adhesive. Sticks to your foot or your shoe. Washable & Re-usable. Shock Absorbing. Hypoallergenic. Provide all day comfort. Can last over a year. Includes eco-friendly storage pouch. Made in the USA.

PRODUCTS: The Dot, Happy Heels, Lily Pad and Combo Pack.

Please enjoy your Body & Sole Comfort products. Here’s to Happy Walking!