SOM Footwear

Date:September 15, 2015 2:49 pm



SOM Footwear provides what’s fundamentally important and eliminates the rest. Our elegantly simple design helps customers rediscover their natural, carefree sense of motion. Discover how SOM’s flexible, light-weight shoe comfortably forms to the shape of your foot. Our sneakers offer just enough stability, toe/heel protection and durability for both casual and active use. You won’t find any overbuilding or marketing gimmicks here!

Our shoes are:

  • Minimalistic in style and design;
  • Incredibly Comfortable– with a roomy toe box and a slightly more narrow heel- combined with our uniquely designed soles give you a shoe experience that allows your feet the ultimate comfort.
  • The flexibility and stability of being barefoot.
  • While offering the protection and traction of a shoe.
  • Worry free Perfect Fit Guarantee– If your shoes aren’t the perfect fit (sized at American Standard), we will gladly cover shipping on your first exchange at no inconvenience to you.
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