Bat Houses Made in America

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Installing a Bat House in your backyard can help the bat population by giving them a safe place to roost and raise their young. By creating habitats for bats it keeps the bat population healthy and this is good not only for the bats but for humans also. Our bat houses are designed and constructed to ensure that bats have a warm and safe place that meets Bat Conservation International (BCI) Guidelines. We are BCI certified.

More Reasons to Add a Bat House to Your Backyard:

  • Gives female bats a secure place to raise their young.
  • Bat Guano makes for a great fertilizer. This in turn helps your garden and flowers.
  • Bats can help cut down on insects like mosquitoes and also other bugs that can infest your garden.

Why Choose Our Bat Houses:

  • 100% Made in America in Holly, MI
  • Our Bat Houses are certified by Bat Conservation International (BCI).
  • Our Bat House box units meet the size standards developed by the BCI.
  • All of our Bat Houses are made out of 13/16 inch rough sawn northern cedar.
  • Designed with a four notch system to keep water and drafts out.
  • We use grooved pattern saw cuts on the interior surface of our bat houses. This ensures that bats can grasp onto a solid surface without harm from wire cloth or fabric that has worn out.
  • Our bat boxes all have a metal roof for added heat transmission, proper roof drainage and predator protection.